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produce up to 100 GPD of high quality water for your home-school-or office.aqua model inline RO filter system removes chlorine taste and odor from your water and up to 99./. of contaminants including Arsenic Barium Cadmium Chromium (Hexavalent) Chromium (trivalent) Copper Turbidity Fluoride Lead Radium 226/228 Selenium and TDS the designer chrome-plated faucet dispenses clean fresh water right at home for use in cooking making delicious coffee tea cristal-clear ice and for pets and plants .itis never been easier to share the many healty benefits of pure water with the entire family.

*Save Mony & Help the Environment Consumers spend billions each year on bottled water sending 3 billion pounds of plastic into landfills.Use of a reverse osmosis system for your homeis drinking water eliminates your need to buy expensive bottled water and reduces your carbon footprint and personal waste.